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fatONE performs real-time calculations of cumulative fatigue damage in critical components. The operation data are obtained from the plant's process computing system and originate from either existing plant instrumentation or our innoSENSE sensors (specifically designed to monitor thermal phenomena critical for fatigue damage accumulation in nuclear power plants, such as thermal shocks, stratification and cycling deriving from a leakage).
fatONE also performs fatigue evaluations in compliance with the Time-limited Ageing Analyses (TLAAs), required to justify the long-term operation of nuclear power plants. 

Moreover, fatONE incorporates algorithms for fatigue damage evaluations of Nuclear Steam Supply System (NSSS) components, all configurable by either INNOMERICS or the end user:

  • Linear and non linear true finite element based analysis

  • Linear analysis based on Green's functions

  • Fatigue damage estimation based on automated or manual identification and classification of operating transients

For more infomation on the fatONE software package, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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