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innoSENSE is non-invasive instrumentation for the characterisation of those thermohydraulic phenomena significantly impacting the structural integrity of pressure boundary components, such as: thermal stratification, thermal shocks and rapid thermal cycling consequent different temperature fluids mixing.

innoSENSE is an invaluable data source for fatigue damage calculations in nuclear power plants long term operation justification, as it allows to bypass the typical conservatism of the underlying hypothesis of fatigue monitoring algorithms based on data obtained from conventional process instruments that were part of the original plant design.

innoSENSE helps addressing multiple degradation mechanisms specific to LWRs, such as: high cycle fatigue in BWR's feedwater nozzles (NUREG-0619 and

NEDE-21821), thermal fatigue in PWR's injection lines (MRP-146 and MRP-192), and thermal fatigue in BWR's INJECTION lines (BWRVIP-155 and BWRVIP-195).

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